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Our current coffee selection.


Smooth, Balanced, Medium Roast with Hints of Cocoa


Robust, Mild Acidity, Medium Dark Roast with Subtle Fruity Hints.

Cold Brew

Handcrafted cold brew, 32oz bottles.

Local delivery only (delivered within 72hrs of purchase).

Doglio Como coffee bag, dark roast

Low Acidity, Velvety Dark Roast with Hints of Caramel and Vanilla

Orders will be shipped/delivered starting the week of 9/19/21

Coffee Break Blog

Limited Release! Meet our darkest roast yet.

Meet, Como We made no compromises with this bean. It’s 100% Indonesian Sumatra, Organic, Shade-Grown and Direct Trade. It is a rich, velvety dark roast with hints of caramel and vanilla. Extremely limited release of our favorite roast to date. Place your orders now for shipping/delivery week of 9/19/21.  

Doglio makes headlines

                    The Milford Daily News and MetroWest News share a glimpse into our story and what you can expect from that first sip of Doglio. Read the full story here

Doglio Events Week of June 7th!

Come on down and get your Doglio fix!

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We source our coffee from one single producer, crop, or region in one country because traceability is important to ensuring consistency and high-quality beans.


Our beans are grown in their natural setting – the shade! This growing technique is better for the environment and produces higher quality beans.


Our coffee contains no chemical-based fertilizers, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms ensuring none of these harmful substances enter your body.

Direct Trade

We stand behind this sourcing technique as the driving force behind better quality green beans and a fair price for the harvesters.