Our Story

Doglio (DOH-li-oh)

On a life-changing trip to Italy, we passed through many “blink and you’ll miss it” villages, but there was one that left a lasting impression. With a population of less than 100 and one business, Bar, this village named Doglio became the inspiration behind Doglio Coffee. In Doglio you can always find a small group of people sitting outside the Bar, sharing conversation and coffee. There was something so authentic about the way they were immersed in the moment, enjoying good coffee, good company and good conversation. It was then we realized coffee has the power to create these authentic moments.

Since our time in Italy, we became more intentional in living authenti- cally and enjoying even the simplest of moments, using coffee as our anchor. It was a natural next step for us to create a brand that was simple and pure in nature yet bold enough to evoke memorable moments.

Doglio Coffee is just that.

With every bag of our coffee we are committed to bringing you a tasty reminder to drink in those authentic moments that can easily go unnoticed.

Alexa 7 Steve